Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bruce Johnston "Focus Beam" on Boppin' With Beth 06-24-22


American musician, singer, songwriter, arranger, and record producer (and perhaps best known as a member of The Beach Boys) Bruce Johnston is the "Focus Beam" artist on the new Boppin' With Beth. Hear about his long music career that started in the late 50's through recent activities this year! We've got a couple of solo tunes, a couple from The Beach Boys and from some of his influences including Frank Sinatra, Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ritchie Valens, Little Richard, Johnny Mercer, B.B. King and George Jones. We hear a tune from Bruce's favorite singer Christian Love (Mike's son) too! Jammin' James Riley has a rocker from Carl Perkins in Rockabilly Rewind and there's tunes from The Surfaris and The Tourmaliners as well! 

*Disclaimer- Bruce began writing "Disney Girls (1957)" in 1970 (I say 1957 in error). Bruce is refering to the era he was writing about. The song was meant to be a "Back To The Future" song.  💓

Intro music bed: Carl Perkins- "Boppin' The Blues", Brian Setzer- "Boppin' The Blues" and The Cars- "Best Friend's Girl"

The Beach Boys- "Tears in the Morning"
Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra- "Just One Of Those Things" 
Johnny Mercer- "Them There Eyes"
Frank Sinatra- "Should I"
Bruce Johnston- "Down Under"
*Liner- Bruce Johnston
Bruce Johnston- "Rendezvous"
Ritchie Valens- "Ooh! My Head"
Little Richard- "Tutti Frutti"
B.B. King- "Days Of Old"

*Rockabilly Rewind with Jammin' James Riley
Carl Perkins- "Jive After Five"

*Liner- Bob Berryhill (of The Surfaris)
The Surfaris- "Catch A Little Ride With Me"
*Liner- Deven Berryhill (of The Tourmaliners)
The Tourmaliners- "Island In The Sun"
*Liner- Mike Love (of The Beach Boys)
The Beach Boys- "The Warmth Of The Sun"
*Liner- Christian Love
Christian Love- "All Summer Long"
Outro music bed: Bruce Johnston- "Sports Theme" (BWB Exclusive Premiere)
**Info about Sports Theme- It was written by Bruce Johnston (Bruce Johnston Music- BMI). It was written for a World Soccer Cup event but rejected. Bruce is the owner of the masters of this song now. It was recorded at Bruce's home studio where he played all the instruments on it & then added a live trumpet player playing the lead melody.

Happy 80th Birthday, Bruce!!!

ALSO.... Happy 68th Birthday to my Dad, Buttercup (AKA: Danny Cook)!!

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