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Jackson Browne "A Tribute to a living legend" show on Boppin' With Beth 10-08-21


Just in time for his 73rd birthday (On October 9), we celebrate the music of Jackson Browne and tell about recording his first album 50 years ago through his latest 2021 release, Downhill From Everywhere. In addition to a couple of rockin' tunes from his catalog (and a ballad that we hear Suzi Quatro tell us is her favorite), we hear select covers from The Immediate Family, Los Lobos, Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa, Blackbird, Jake Thistle, Mick Wigfall and a monster hit for the Eagles that he co-wrote with Glenn Frey. Jammin' James Riley has an Andy Starr tune in Rockabilly Rewind and we close the show with Jackson's friend Warren Zevon!

Track Listing:

Intro music bed: Carl Perkins/Brian Setzer- "Boppin' the Blues"

Eagles- "Take It Easy"

Mick Wigfall- "Doctor My Eyes"

Los Lobos- "Jamaica Say You Will"

Jake Thistle- "Black and White"

Jackson Browne- "Boulevard"

Jackson Browne- "Still Looking For Something"

Blackbird- "These Days"

Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa- "Linda Paloma"

The Immediate Family- "Somebody's Baby"

Jackson Browne- "Rosie"

Andy Starr- "Rockin' Rollin' Stone"

Warren Zevon- "Tenderness On The Block"

Outro music bed: Warren Zevon- "Werewolves Of London"

This is an incredibly hard thing to narrow down for me to do, let me lead with that. Being a fan of JB's music as far back as I can remember and for most of his career, I feel like I need to share at least my Top 10 favorite songs of his. I will say that although these stick out in my mind, there IS NOT a bad Jackson Browne song out there, the guy just doesn't do them. He is an amazing singer and songwriter. So, here you go.

Beth's Top 10 favorite Jackson Browne songs of all time:

10. "Black and White"- This one is about someone losing the will to stand up for the dreams and ideals that used to inspire them. The line "Time running out" makes of clear of the importance of the situation. 

Hear the song here:

9. "Boulevard"- One of JB's more rockin' tunes... I love this side of him too! Maybe it's about the darker side of Hollywood Blvd. in L.A. It's not all glamorous... this song spotlights that in my opinion.  

Hear the song here:

8. "My Cleveland Heart"-This song is so good! The story of it is pretty good too. JB first heard the music to this song when his guitarist, Val McCallum (who is also on the song) left a CD on JB's windshield. While driving through Ohio, it was pointed out to JB that a structure he saw in the woods was "Cleveland Heart:, a place where they manufacture artificial hearts. Couldn't we all use a heart that won't break? Yes indeed is the answer to that question.

Hear the song here:

7. "Doctor My Eyes"- I would have loved to have been Glenn Frey of the Eagles. He had the chance to listen to JB perfect this song living downstairs from JB for months.... oh, to be a fly on the wall of either apartment. If they don't already, I think every optometrist's office should play this song on repeat.

Hear the song here:

6. "Tender Is The Night"- If you asked me my favorites on a different day, I'm sure this one would be higher. Yet another song that is so beautifully written and sang. I love the lyrics to this one. My favorite part of the song is: "And in the hard light of an angry sun, no one remembers what was said or done, tender are the words we choose, you win, I win, we lose". I just love this one!

Hear the song here:

5. "Chasing You into the Light"- I'd love to ask JB how he wrote this song....I absolutely love it. My interpretation of it: It's about watching someone have a nightmare and waiting for them to wake up so they can lend some comfort. Perhaps, maybe it's even about the person that's awake being in the dream and trying to wake up the sleeping person. Whatever the interpretation is, it is an incredible song.

Hear the song here:

4. "The Pretender"- This is one that is on MOST people's favorite JB song list. It is also one of JB's most well known songs. I'm also a huge Richard Dreyfuss fan so the fact that this song was in the movie Mr. Holland's Opus makes an already stellar song, even better to me. 

Hear the song here:

3. "Fountain Of Sorrow"- This one has been a favorite of mine for decades... Like all JB songs, if you listen closely to the lyrics, there's bound to be some type of emotion that will hit you. For me, it always makes me tear up but in a good way. It's a sad song but for some reason, I always get super happy when this song comes on. 

Hear the song here:

2. "In The Shape Of A Heart"- The lyrics of this song hit me deep in the feels every time I hear it. Waiting for that perfect person in glad I found mine! Every word is just so beautifully written and sang equally as beautiful!

 Hear the song here:

1. "Somebody's Baby"- This one has and always will be my favorite, no matter what else he does. Something about it just always makes me feel happy. I think that it is extra awesome that his son Ryan was born the same year as this song too! I don't know what exactly it is about this song that makes it my favorite....wait, yes I do... the song is so fantastic! Top shelf writing and singing!

Hear the song here:

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  1. Jackson Browne is a Legend. Not only in the USA but also in The Netherlands. We all wish him lots of luck for the Future.